Mann Hunter is a RED Scout wearing the Rooftop Rebel.


Mann Hunter uses his sharp claws in order to tear the flesh and inside of it's victims.


Mann Hunter was originally a RED Scout who was very abusive to his team, so the Team's Engineer killed him in purpose. Then was ressurected by Demo Samedi.


RED Engineer (Now Original Vagineer)Edit

Mann Hunter used to call him a dumb texas Man always.

RED Demoman (Now Dic Soupcan)Edit

Calling him an unnecessary Drunk Scottish Guy.

RED Soldier (Now Painis Cupcake)Edit

He would eventually force him to shut up when he orders him to go first.

The Whole RED TeamEdit

He was an abusive dissapointment to them all.

Demo SamediEdit

The one who ressurected him, that he should have thanked him.

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