Magician Heavy

Magician Heavy is a RED Heavy who performs feats using super natural means.He was created by YouTube user OLDSACKS with his theme song called I S*#t on my Organ


Heavy's magic trick01:50

Heavy's magic trick

This is Magician Heavy's First appearance

HEAVY'S MAGIC TRICK SOUNDTRACK - "I shit on my organ" by Old Sacks01:43

HEAVY'S MAGIC TRICK SOUNDTRACK - "I shit on my organ" by Old Sacks

Magician Heavy's theme


Magician Heavy as the ability o Black-FAT-Magic,when he put the right items in the Hat,and say "WHAT HAPPENS NOW?"a big desaster happens,and just he,JUST HE,survive of the disaster (Especially giant Painis).

When Magician Heavy happers,imedialtely someone shit at his organ (I shit on My Organ),and nobody try kill Magician Heavy,but the relats say waht "When Someone try kill Magician Heavy,he point the finger and say:Soltrick,and imediately a Rollie-Pie soldier spawn in the heavy finger,and come to you head,the result is a terrible nightmare with the angry heavy"

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