Madic is an ex-BLU Medic turned GMod Monster, and one of the enemies of Soldine. He was created by YouTuber SarisKhan. His theme is Disturbed - Meaning of Life (Intrumental)


Initially, Madic was an ordinary BLU Medic. His squad was tasked with stealing enemy intelligence on Double Cross. However, after continuous failures of his clumsy teammates, he finally went insane. He had brutally slaughtered the entire opposing team and later through unknown chemicals gained inhuman abilities. For some time he had resided in an abandoned mountain lab, tormenting local people until he was defeated and captured by Soldine.

Behaviour and PersonalityEdit

At the beginning, Madic was a regular, if psychotic and deranged, human. Despite his brutal tendencies and mental instability, he genuinely enjoyed healing. He was quite kind to his teammates and worked with a smile on his face.

Nevertheless, their repeating failures caused him to slowly descend on the spiral of madness. When stress proved too much to handle, he eventually snapped and unleashed his murderous side. He turned into a relentless, cruel and bloodthirsty monster prone to fits of destructive fury.

Nevertheless, some traces of his more benign personality survived his transformation, as seen by his willingness to surrender to Soldine, his apparent remorse and need for understanding.


After succumbing to insanity and injecting himself with an unknown chemical, Madic gained several abilities that elevated him to the Monster tiers.

His most characteristic power is his extreme agility, which allows him to effortlessly leap over great distances. He is also very fast, as he was capable of easily outmanoeuvring Soldine and avoiding his attacks.

His second most prominent ability is his apparent immunity to explosive damage. He has been seen repeatedly shrugging off explosions of varying magnitude, seemingly unfazed.

He used a piercing sonic attack against Soldine, though it merely angered him rather than dealing real damage. It could be potentially dangerous, but not against Madic's rogues gallery.

Madic also must be very strong, because he was able to stand toe to toe with cybernetically augmented Soldine for some time. However, he was eventually outmatched by him in this regard.

He possesses enhanced healing factor and can quickly recover from minor wounds, yet he is unable to regrow lost limbs or shrug off severe damage.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

  • When fighting, Madic enters a berserk trance and attacks with mindless fury. This leaves him vulnerable to opponents capable of outwitting him.
  • His physical power is apparently determined, at least partially, by his emotional state. After prolonged and/or intense combat, his rage eventually wears down and then he becomes significantly weaker.
  • While immune to explosions, Madic is harmed by regular gunfire. Because he is a melee fighter, this leaves him at a big disadvantage with firearmed opponents.

Notable VideosEdit

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