This is a list of characters from The Misadventures of Sekai. a Youtube series created by Crispy Toast


Sekai is the main protagonist of the Misadventures of Sekai. She comes from Japan and lives on Gmod city. Sekai has a romantic relationship with her boyfriend Makoto. She is best friends with Kotonoha.

Kotonoha is Sekai's best friend. She has a crush on Makoto much to Sekai's dismay.


Witch is the main antagonist of Zombie Nights. She kidnaps Makoto for unknown reason. Witch attacks Francis and Sekai and is about to kill the latter but is knocked out by Makoto.

Bowser Jr is an antagonist. In Zombie Nights he has made a deal with the Witch. In 2 Problems 1 girl. Bowser Jr stole the cash from Sekai. She beats him up and gets her cash back.

Niko Bellic is an antagonist. In 2 Problems 1 girl. He robs a bank and shoots at Francis. Niko chases Sekai after she saw the robbery. He gets attacked by Vagineer and killed by Louis and Heavy.

Other CharactersEdit

Franky is a friend of Sekai. In Writing a letter to Mom. He dislikes cats and gets attacked by Gravity Cat. In Heavy Blows His Audition. He is one of the jury members who dislikes Heavy's terrible voice.

Francis is a recurring character. In 2 Problems 1 girl. He is shot by Niko Bellic who later chases Sekai. In Lagomorph Hat. Francis and Ellis wants to steal the hat and pushes the latter off the building. In Writing a letter to mom. He throws Makoto after he sees kissing Zoey and gets thrown by her.

Louis is a regular character. In Red Menace. He attacked the RED team after Sekai drops the pills. In Lagomorph Hat. Louis chases Kotonoha after she has pills. In 2 Problems 1 girl he kills Niko along with Heavy. Louis attacked Bowser and is hugged by Sekai for saving her.

Vagineer is a recurring character. In 2 Problems 1 Girl. He attacks Niko Bellic when he was chasing Sekai. In Write a Letter to Mom. Vagineer attacks BLU team and is on Miku Hatsune's concert.

Wrench Brothers are a pair of Engineers. In Lagomorph Hat. They wanted to steal it and chases them until they are stopped by a smiling.

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