This monster is improperly made, because it lacks videos, images and information. Don't make your own monsters to look like this, or they can also turn into bad examples for other people like this. Hence why this page hasn't been deleted - the example it presents.

The Intelligent Scout is an extremely smart Scout who has obtained his massive IQ through school & good education. He is normally peaceful & harmless, only using weapons against threats. He can be identified because of the Google Glass-like device attached to the right side of his head.

He was created by Gmod wiki user Dinner111


  • Cyber Intelligent Scout: A cyborg version of him. Acts similar, but his weapons form from his arms instead of being pulled out of nowhere.

Powers & abilitiesEdit

  • Intelligent Scout can exploit the weaknesses of almost any monster he encounters.
  • He can ignore non-threatening characters quite easily, especially the ones that try to annoy him.
  • He has several gadgets at his disposal, all of which are created by him. He can pull them out & put them back out of nowhere.


  • Winger: Modified to use buckshot ammo. Used for self defense.
  • Gravity pistol: A pistol modified to act like a Gravity Gun.
  • Shield revolver: Creates shields from the barrel for protection. The shields will stay in front of the barrel as long as the trigger is being held down.
  • Portal shotgun: Creates yellow & green portals with a squeeze of the trigger. Only used for long-distance travel & fun.
  • Tracker rifle: Leaves painless tracers that allow him to track any character that he shoots with it. Only used during spy missions.
  • Pacifist's Carbine: Modified Cleaner's Carbine that shoots harmless blue tracer rounds. Used for crowd control & scaring away violent characters.

List of things the attached computer can doEdit

  • Scanning creatures, items and environments
  • Going onto the internet
  • X-ray vision
  • Night vision
  • Playing games
  • Making calls

Faults & weaknessesEdit

  • Whilst the Intelligent Scout knows almost every weakness within almost any monster, he doesn't do as good as a fighter (although still better then "Captain Demoman"). He also doesn't like resorting to violence when it isn't necessary, preferring to trick enemies instead of fighting them.

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