The Indian Heavies are men living the farthest reaches of Offblast. With their beaked familiars, they follow the nomadic life ways of the now all but extinct Pootis tribe, who were wiped out in the tragic Backstabbing of Blood VOOOOM.

They were created by YouTube user OluapPlayer

Rituals of the Nine MasksEdit

The Indian Heavies have access to ancient power granted to them by their ancestors that allows them to call upon the power of the Nine Masks to perform various drastic actions. The rituals able to be performed by the Indian Heavies are capable of

  • Shifting the land
  • Creating water
  • Creating objects
  • Creating portals - Requires at least two Indian Heavies.
  • Ressurrecting the dead - This requires all three Indian Heavies to be present.
  • Divining the importance or location of objects or people
  • Calling upon Saxton Hale: Normally a helpful individual even when insulted, when they or the helpless are threatened, the Indian Heavy will perform this ritual, chanting backwards to call upon the Spirits of the Nine, summoning the Destroyer of Hippies, the One From Down Under; SAXTON HALE. Or at least, an avatar in his form.

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