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This article is about one of the modes of the Tool Gun. For the context menu version, see Ignite.

Ignite Tool
W toolgun

Incendiary Tool


The Ignite Tool is a mode for the Tool Gun that allows its user to ignite props, ragdolls and NPCs.

It is currently defunct in Garry's Mod 13 and replaced with a context menu version; however, addons can be utilized to restore this.


To select the Ignite Tool, hold and press the spawn menu, (Q by default) search the Tools tab and click on 'Ignite' which will bring up your Toolgun.

To select how long your target will be ignited, hold and press the context key. (C by default) On the lower right corner there should be a bar you can adjust to set the time. Value at 0 sets the normal ignition time; the maximum length of time can be set at 120 seconds.

Alternatively you can use the spawn menu instead, although using the context menu is quicker and more efficient.

The Ignite Tool only has one trigger (MOUSE1 by default) that ignites props, NPCs and ragdolls. It cannot ignite the map itself or other players.

Ignite Tool as a WeaponEdit

Though the Ignite Tool does not affect players, it can still burn most NPCs. Their health will slowly deplete and will die if the burn time is long enough.


  • Versions before the 10th version of Garry's Mod of the Ignite Tool used the crossbow as the model.