The Hunter is one of the antagonists of the Left 4 Dead franchise. He is one of the Special Infected. Hunters love medkits but hates pills, much to Louis's dismay and anger. Hunters are capable of pouncing on their victims, using it to catch their victims. He plays video games and plays guitar.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Hunter has the ability to pounce and jump to catch survivors. He knocks Bill out with one move. He can beat up anyone and rips them apart with his claws. Hunter grabs a chair and combines his pounce attack to form a move called Chair Pounce. He gets temporary lightning power and zaps a victim.


The Smoker is friends with the Hunter many times. He delivers dead bodies to him so that he pays him with medkits for his Hunter fellows. He hangs out with Smoker on cafès and other places. During the meeting about the survivor Rochelle. Hunter kills Smoker with a shotgun, claiming that he's annoying.

The Tank is the Hunter's friend, he helped him capture Coach so that the Hunter can have him for 5 months. Like Hunter, Tank likes beers and demands him to get more beer from the survivors. They can discuss the fight between L4D survivors and L4D2 survivors.

Gordon Freeman hires the Hunter to invite Gmod citizens as guests during Christmas.

The Witch has a romantic relationship with the Hunter. He and Witch once are on a restaurant to eat Louis and watch a movie.


Louis is the Hunter's main enemy. He likes pills while the Hunter hates them. This results in fight against each other, the two hate each other and fight sometimes. During Christmas Time Hunter zaps lightning at Louis and gave him golden pills.

Francis is the Hunter's rival because he called him wussy and set his medkit on fire. He doesn't believe in that Francis is indestructible. The Hunter hates it when the biker guy hates everything.

Boomer is Hunter's rival. He killed the latter as revenge for kicking him off the building.

Rochelle is the terror of the Infecteds. She stabs the medkit which causes the Hunter to die and beats him up.



  • Hunter makes a cameo on Kami's series.
  • Hunter makes a cameo on Tasty Cools 7 Bangin' Like a Barbecue Bacon Burger

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