The Hobo is a playable job in DarkRP.


Hobos are described as the lowest form of life in the city, and are unable to buy doors, being the only job unable to do so. They do not get any weapons aside from their bugbait, which can be thrown at people for no damage. 

On some servers, throwing bugbait at someone is considered assault, so players will go out of their way to punish the hobo. The mayor can often set laws about hobos, from arrest to even execution of bugbait-throwing hobos.

Hobos are a very unique job due to the fact that they are the only job able to build outside or on the street, which can open up a variety of ideas to builders or roleplayers. Such buildings include tents, lemonade stands, game shows, casinos, or just your average drug base, but designed from the bottom up to get the upper hand on raiders.

Weapons Edit

On almost all servers, the hobo will come equipped with bugbait. The Hobo can also "sing" with this item, which is really a string of foul yelps and screams. Many players find it very annoying to have bugbait thrown at them or to be "sung" to, therefore they often will kill hobos and not face punishment for RDM (Random Deathmatch). Some servers use the Angry Hobo SWEP, which allows hobos to throw boots and shout things from the video: Angry Cat Man.

Some servers' rules will disallow the Hobo from holding any gun bigger than a pistol, or sometimes nothing at all, which can leave Hobos as a disadvantage if they wish to own raidables in their Hobo base.

Hobo King Edit

The Hobo King is a variant to the Hobo job that some servers have, and is to the Hobos as the Mob Boss is to Gangsters. Although he may not gain anything extra, he may have the power to set an agenda for the Hobos, meaning he could amass an army of hobos for things like peaceful protests, protecting a Hobo, gathering items, or having every Hobo live in and operate a Hobo base in the streets.