The Hoob is a playable job in DarkRP.


Hoobs are described as the lowest form of life in the city. The nature of this "job" makes it obvious that the players do not make a steady income from playing, instead relying on the unaverage philanthropist. They do not get any weapons aside of their bugbait, which can be thrown at people or 


Hobo player model

things. Many players roleplay the bugbait throwing into the throwing of excrement, and will go out of their way to punish the hoob. The mayor can and normally will set down laws for hobos activities, from arrest to even execution of bugbait-throwing hoobs. Hoobs are generally disliked by the in-game public because of their purpose and will usually mistreat hoobs by throwing them out of shops or shooting them on sight. The hoob is the most RDM'ed job and most servers will put up with the constant RDM of hoobs because of the nuisance the hobos are.


On almost all servers, the hoob will come equipped with bugbait. The hoob can also "sing" with this item, which is really a string of foul yelps and screams. Many players find it very annoying to have bugbait thrown at them or to be "sung" to, therefore they often will kill hoobs and not face punishment for RDM (Random Deathmatch). Some servers use the Angry Hobo SWEP, which allows hoobs to throw boots and shout profanities such as "You are a f***ing piece of s***!" and "I'm going to rape you!"

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