Hell Gman is a mentioned monster created by an unknown Gmod player.


Hell Gman was a normal Gman, turned into a Gmodmancer,

he was the Gmod peacekeeper, however, something was wrong to him and start bringing chaos.

It's unknown how a peace keeping Gman turned into an evil GmodMancer.


Since he is a powerfull Necromancer/God, he has some few powers.

If someone look into his eyes, he gets blinded, but someone might be lucky if he wears goggles.

He can rise dead people due of his 'Necromancy' powers.

His eyes shoots laser beams.

Faults and weaknessesEdit

Low temperatures weapons can freeze him up in a few seconds.

Shooting his head might turn off his powers, making him easy to kill.

If frozen, shatter him up


Here's a pic of it,

Don't worry, it's just a screenshot.

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