I am going to eat you

I am going to eat you!

Heavydile is a powerful monster who eats people like a crocodile. The model of Heavydile is a RED Heavy. He can´t be killed by most conventional weapons. The only one who is known to be able to kill him is Heavygator, who is, in a basic sense, a BLU version of Heavydile. Heavydile´s worst enemy is Painis Cupcake, who he defeated in Heavydile meets Painis Cupcake. He was created by TrexHunter2000. He can get at his victims on the beach, on a dock and on a boat, or quite possibly anywhere else that isn't too far from water. This makes him an even more dangerous beast.


  • Cyber Heavydile: A cyborg version of Heavydile.
  • Heavygator:The BLU counterpart of Heavydile.And the only one who can defeat him.He was created by YouTube user TrexHunter2000


Heavydile has many abilities. These include:

  • Armored skin, making him immune to firearms and other weapons.
  • Super strength
  • Super speed
  • An incredibly powerful bite, powerful enough to even cause visible damage to Blockgineer's otherwise nigh-invulnerable body or Optimus Pootis' metal skin.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

As has been mentioned, Heavydile is weak against his clone and, therefore, himself. He may also be vulnerable to Painis Cupcake.

His intellect is no better than the average Heavy; Astoundingly easy to outwit.

Since Heavydile is only found in water, or areas close to water, he is rather easy to avoid by staying away from bodies of water.


  • "I am Heavydile and I am going to eat you"
  • "You are delicious"
  • NO!It's my Scout!GO AWAY!(Heavydile to the carboard crocodiles)
  • Da.This will work(entering Sewer Medic's lair)
  • You cannot hide!I am going to kill you(to Sewer Medic)
  • 'low-pitched scream(after shrugging his victim to pieces)

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