Heavy Props Guy (HPG for short) is a GMOD monster created by YouTube user Sp4zzm4tica


Heavy Props Guy (HPG) is a BLU Heavy known to be in a pile of props, he despises pony monsters, like Eppaljeck and FlutterCook. When HPG encounters an Eppaljeck, he would throw a hat that resembles an apple, and thus, defeating Eppaljeck instantly. Due to immunity to morphing, he won't turn into one of them. When HPG encounters FlutterCook, he would simply sit there, and because of his weight, FlutterCook cannot move him with her sonic attack, resulting in Fluttercook flying away to find another person. Under the presence of a Heavy Props Guy, the soundtrack Spongebob - Tomfoolery will start playing. HPG can spawn just about any prop he can think of as long as it's from Team Fortress 2. He's very sensitive when it comes to other GMOD monsters, he would simply throw anything that they request, or throw a random object at their target. HPG hardly speaks, but whenever he does speak, he would speak very, very fast. He also consists of a derp face, similar to Derpy Hooves.


HPG is able to spawn any prop at any time. However, he cannot spawn too many, as whenever he did he would crash the map he was on, resulting a big threat for GMOD monsters. HPG has great physical strength, allowing him to throw any prop he can spawn, from a can of Bonk! Atomic Punch! to a Watchtower! He also has an average intelligence level, making him aware of what threats are to come, and how to deal with them. When HPG throws a prop at another person, they will end up unconsious for a temporary amount of time, allowing HPG to think. HPG is also immune to morphing, preventing HPG from changing into a different monster, or any other object, a major problem to Stargineer. HPG uses the Derp (Another term for the Force from Star Wars), allowing him to move any prop (again, as long as it's Team Fortress 2-stylized). Due to HPG and his fatass weight, he cannot be moved by other reasons but himself.


HPG is not really smart, so his brain can malfunction when he notices a hard math problem, leaving him vulnerable to be killed. HPG can also be killed by natural disasters, shifting gravity can leave him troubled due to his weight shifting in different directions.

Heavy Props Guy meets Vagineer00:33

Heavy Props Guy meets Vagineer

First appearence

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