About HWM Models;Edit

A HWM model is a TF2 ragdoll with advanced face posing. These models take alot more concentration to model as the menu for their faceposer is very detailed. These faces are used for a comedic or creepy effect. These are used by many Gmodders like Rubberfruit and Stblackst. These have also appeared on the TF2 Beta Skins Pack.

Believe it or not, HWM models are used in Source Filmmaker.

Where to find these Models.Edit

Go into the Browse section and open up the TF2 folder and then the Player folder. You'll find a folder called "HWM" with all the models of them (besides the Pyro). We suggest adding the models into a spawnlist so you can easily access them.

Views on HWMEdit

There are two different views on the use of HWM models. One view is that HWM models are funny, unpredictable and hilarious, the other view is that they are unfunny and lazy. HWM are in a bundle of other judged video ideas, such as;

  1. HWM models, need those raep faeces.
  2. Incredibly loud noises cut of at the end, need to hurt the fan's ears remember.
  3. Retro music,F***ed up music, nothing wrong with it, it's just used in too many of these kind of videos so it's part of the bundle.
  4. Fad,Funny,Disturbing faces

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