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Heckler & Koch MP7
250px-MP7 HL2

From 5 to 12

Magazine Size


Fire Mode


  • 4.6x30mm (SMG1 Ammo)
  • 20mm Grenades (SMG1 Grenades)
Used by

Citizens, Barney, Alyx, Players, Metrocops.

Reload Time

3 seconds


The HK MP7 appears to be an early prototype of the MP7 : MP7-PDW or just the HK PDW. It has a rear collapsible stock, an underbarrel grenade launcher and a holographic sight. The weapons collapsible stock remains collapsed throughout the entire Half Life 2 series and in Garry's Mod. The weapon's alt-fire launches a grenade from the grenade launcher (note that the grenades the MP7 uses different grenades rather than the throwable grenades ). This weapon is commonly employed by the Combine, although some Rebels have been observed to use it as well.


The SMG1 is often used by players to eliminate NPCs or disturbing players. Its grenade launcher makes it a more powerful weapon.


The primary fire, (which is MOUSE1 by default) fires a round from the gun, if held it will fire a large stream of bullets. The secondary fire, (which is MOUSE2 by default) fire a grenade from the grenade launcher. 


This weapon is normally spawned by default with the player, if weapon spawn is allowed. Eliminating NPCs carrying this weapons will make them drop it. Another way to have it without killing NPCs would be to use the Impulse 101 cheat, but having cheats on in a session disables achievements. A third way to have it would be to download the Addon the stunstick is among them, but those can't be used on an online server unless the server has this addon installed.

Restocking AmmoEdit

4.6x30mm SupplyEdit

  • Eliminating NPCs carrying this weapons will make them drop it, grabbing it will give to the player a full magazine, wich means 45 rounds.
  • Finding its ammo box will also give the player a full magazine, wich means 45 rounds.
  • Finding infinite resupply crates that contains its ammo, or simple supply crates.
  • Spawned ammo with this Addon.

20mm GrenadesEdit


  • Allied NPC can be very helpful with this weapon, in addition they will pick a more powerful when found.
  • Enemies are dangerous with this weapon, players should have a charged armor.
  • Fortunately no NPCs will use the grenade launcher.


  • When the weapon is reloaded, the magazine never leaves the grip housing; the player's hand just slaps the bottom of the gun, as seen when reloading while looking straight up. This is merely a design oversight.
  • A red targeting scope sits on top of the upper barrel, but is never used by the player, unless the weapon's code is changed.
  • The weapon's world model has no stock but in the viewmodel the stock can easily be made out.
  • The stock is always seen collapsed.