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The Gun Dealer is a Class in DarkRP, The player model for this class is usually Half-Life 2's Father Grigori. The Gun Dealer is the only legal way to buy and sell weapons in DarkRP.

Play StyleEdit

As a Gun Dealer you can sell weapons to the public for any price you see fit. The Gun Dealer can buy individual handguns, or entire shipments of weapons ranging from simple Desert Eagles to high-power sniper rifles for free. You usually have to have a 10 thousand dollars to start playing as Gun Dealer as weapon shipments are within that price range.

Tips and Playstyle Edit

On some servers, The Gun Dealer job is divided into two parts - Light and Heavy. Also, there are often restrictions on what you can do as a gun dealer in public servers - normally, you cannot:

  • Raid or participate in raids
  • Self-supply - weapons that you buy must be sold, not kept.
  • Rip off, or swindle - money paid up front does not mean that the buyer is stupid, it means the buyer trusts you.

The best strategy for being a Gun Dealer is arguably to set up shop, and sell shipments of guns for their market price plus a few thousand, and then drop the price as you acquire money printers. The more goodwill you acquire with gangs and the general populace, the more they will help you out in fending off thieves and bandits. Although a body guard is probably unnecessary, it might become advantageous to have somebody watching your back, especially if you have any kind of armoury or storeroom.