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Gravity Gun
W gravity gun

Medium lifting tool, physic weapon

The Gravity Gun (abbrieviated Grav Gun) is a tool and a weapon, used by players for various reasons.

Gravity gun as a toolEdit

The Gravity Gun's primary function is a tool. It can lift medium-sized objects and and carry it around. Its first trigger lifts and drops objects. The second trigger pushes the object a certain distance.

Gravity gun as a weaponEdit

The Gravity Gun's second function is a weapon. As stated before, the Gravity Gun can punt objects, making it more of a weapon than a tool. The Gravity gun will deal various amounts of damage, depending on the size and weight of the object.


-The Gravity Gun's name will change to "Zero Point Manipulator" if you have Half life 2 mounted to GMod. This rarely happens but can be easily fixed by unmounting Half-Life 2 temporaily.

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