Gotto Rubin also known as Gotoh Robbin, Gottoh Chor and the formal Bacon poisoner is a GMod crime master.

Gottoh Rubin Poisons somebody00:05

Gottoh Rubin Poisons somebody


Gm construct sunken0000

A picture of him.

Name MeaningEdit

Gottoh means scrotum in certain Indian languages and Rubin may just be random or may refer to Rubin Bella, the person poisoned in one of the videos starring him named GMod: Bacon. Gottoh Chor transalates to scrotum thief.

His Crime MethodEdit

Gottoh, first poisons his victim by placing rotten bacon into their soup/lasagna or sometimes KFC. The victim then dies of food poisoning and proceeds to have his face ripped off and sold on eBay as a decoration.

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