Gordon Freeman

Gordon Freeman

Gordon Freeman is the primary protagonist of the Half-Life series. He was a scientist at Black Mesa before the Black Mesa incident that started a Resonance Cascade through which aliens invaded Black Mesa, which brought the attention of the military and the Black Ops. Gordon Freeman fought through the HECU soldiers and Black Ops members (Primarily females with silenced pistols although male Black Ops members were seen in Opposing Force)

His iconic weapon has always been a crowbar. He first obtained a crowbar in Black Mesa, then another crowbar was found near a garbage compactor in Black Mesa after two HECU soldiers tossed him into the garbage compactor.

Cameos in Moments with Heavy.

Some say he hates Louis.

Sometimes he's freaked out of Alyx Vance

Louis says his name in Left 4 Dead 2 when he gets the crowbar.

He once had the Heavy's voice as his.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

Gordon can be outsmarted sometimes by the HECU and the Combine, leading him to traps in Half-Life games and mods. However he is still armed with arms such as an SMG, a Shotgun, an AR2, etc.

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