Giga Demo was made by HalBuzzKill.


Large, physically superior and potentially out of his mind, Giga Demo is the bane of any monster whose abilities only work if up close. He somewhat mirrors his employer Hal in that he's rather self-centered and mercenarious, as well as sociopathic or possibly even psychotic; probably why they get along so well. He weilds a twenty-foot long steel hammer that, with his immense strength, can be effortlessly used one-handed. He occasionally uses Blockgineer as a projectile weapon by whacking him flying.


Giga Demo's abilities revolve around his preposterous bodily capabilities. He runs fast, jumps high and hits hard, and can seem to be able to carry, throw or swing around objects of great weight with little effort, such as the hammer he carries about. However his stamina can be lacking at times, so his rate of attack is slow compared to, say, Sawmedic.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

Giga Demo completely and utterly lacks any long-range attack and doesn't seem to understand the concept of throwing objects to surrogate for this.

On top of this, he is himself remarkably susceptible to attack from a distance, which makes him vulnerable to C-ombine.


  • I'm gonna be all over ya like shingles!


Giga has multiple nemeses, most notable of which being C-ombine but Sawmedic, Trolltizen and Dangerous Bacon are on the list as well.


Giga Demo's Theme

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