"This is my world! you are not welcomed in my world!"
Giant Zombie Soldier to RED team

The Giant Zombie Soldier is a giant undead BLU Soldier freak created by Steam user Glubbable.

Appearance Edit

Giant Zombie Soldier appears to be an undead BLU Soldier in giant form with a Voodoo soul, and wearing a Spine-chilling Skull on his head.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Giant Zombie Soldier has the ability to spawn BLU team players to hunt RED Team. Giant Zombie Soldier can also kill the RED Team himself, but he is slow. Juking this boss isn't a very smart idea, as his attack range is large, and can kill every class in one hit. The proxies classes he spawns are Spies Only.

Quotes Edit

  • "This is my world! you are not welcomed in my world!"
  • "Augh..."
  • "Booooo..."
  • "Augh no!"
  • "*Evilly laughing*"
  • "Who want some?"
  • "God bless America!"
  • "I Never liked you..."
  • "MEDIC!"
  • "U.S.A!"
  • "Do not look at me, I didn't ask you a question!"
  • "Come here sweet heart!"
  • "Chaaaarge!"
  • "Time to inform your next of kin!"
  • "Hoooaaa!"
  • "Ahhh!"
  • "Rrrraaahh!"
  • "Uggggh!"
  • "Haaataaa!"

Theme Edit

Normal Theme Song

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