Gentlespy is a gentleman, but kills pretty much everyone in his sight. He has been shown with an Ambassador and a Dead Ringer, and always either headhots his victims or stabs them (This is rare. He stabbed Medic's hand in his debut though, and in the same video backstabbed a Sniper).

He has been known to be, if he isn't always, polite before kills. His theme is The Blue Wrath By "I Monster". He is also a friend of Christian Brutal Sniper.

He was created by YouTube user Swaitis.


Gentlespy can fake death, thanks to his Dead Ringer. He also appears to have the ability to travel large distances in a small amount of time (while cloaked). Wielding an Ambassador, his headshots do critical damage, pity he always aims for the head.


  • "Goodday" - To CBS(Christian Brutal Sniper meets Gentlespy)
  • "Apologies." - To Sniper in a fan made youtube video. In all caps due to the loudness of the quote, likely a mistake.
  • "Pardon me." - To Soldier just before a headshot(Gentlespy In Hoodoo). The gun he used is actually just a normal Revolver, likely a mistake.


  • Cyber Gentlespy: A cyborg version of Gentlespy.He was created by YouTube user Gyrotron


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