Gay Spy Version 2

Gay Spy Version 2! AKA now more of a pimp ;)

Gay Spy's name explains everything. The one thing people don't realise, but he seeks dead bodies, tortures alive ones, but when he finishes on that "job", he attempts to rape/fuck him for pleasure and at that, he gains more power. He wears a Charmer's Chapeau in his 2nd version, carries a Shotgun on his back incase one comes from one side he cannot hit in time. Right above that Shotgun is an attached Golf Club for Spanking his opponents or staggering them so then he could charge down at them and start raping. On both sides of his hips, he carries two bottles of Mad Milk which would of course be thought of to be Sperm/Semen. Gay Spy was created by Youtube User, YMU15 .



Gravy Guitarman

Dick Sandvitch

Captain Demoman

Robot Engie




Nuclear Scout

Private Funnyman


  • Cyber Gay Spy: A cyborg version of Gay Spy.

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