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Gas can
File:Prop gas can hl2.jpg

Ignites anything it blows at


Comic Prop, Incendiary Projectile


The gas can is a prop coming from 3 games :

  • Half-Life 2
  • Left 4 Dead
  • Left 4 Dead 2

Half-Life 2Edit

The gas can from Half-Life 2 is similar to the Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 but can be distinguished by the fact that it has a darker red than the Left 4 Dead model. Among the 4 known models, it is the only one that lights anything it blows at on fire. There is also a second chrome model but this one doesn't have the ability to light anything it blows at on fire.

Left 4 DeadEdit

The gas can from Left 4 Dead is is similar to the Half-Life 2 one but can be distinguished by the yellow label on its side and it has a lighter red than the Half-Life 2 Model.

Left 4 Dead 2Edit

Left 4 Dead 2 has 2 additional models of gas cans :

  • The first one is the same as the Left 4 Dead model but has additional orange in it, it is used for the scavenge mode.
  • The second one is only seen in the Hard Rain campaign it is green and has the word diesel written on it.

As a WeaponEdit

The first Half-Life 2 model only can be used to ignite targets, all other models will can be used as Gravity Gun launched props.


  • Grab the non-flammable cans with the Gravity Gun, then launch it into your target it will kill it in one hit if humanoid.
  • The Flammable one can be launched at humanoid targets to ignite them.


Flammable canEdit

  • Players will be be not ignited, but will receive a damage similar to that of a minor explosion.
  • It cannot ignite the map itself or non-humanoid NPCs.

Non-Flammable cansEdit

They are fairly weak, and can only be used as gravity launched props.