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GarryWare is a custom gamemode for Garry's Mod running on Fretta Gamemode Base.

The rule is simple : Do what you are asked to do. Try to screw up what other people are also trying to do. If you fail, you can take over your chance in the next 8 seconds for another game.

Yes, that's it : It's a WarioWare-type Party game set on a Multiplayer First Person Shooter environment. Do you think it's not a right platform for that kind of game ? Do you think a multiplayer WarioWare gameplay can't be working ? Wait... Have you even tried that type of game ?

Doesn't it sound ridiculous to miscalculate "91 +19" on a server ? How would you react if you miserably fall off a pole you must stand on because someone thrown his crowbar at you ?

Garry Ware reviews the definition of a game : "To have fun, and to share this fun".
GarryWare Two (2) Online public server, 11th of December rev08:31

GarryWare Two (2) Online public server, 11th of December rev.

Garryware Two gameplay.

GarryWare runs on any usual Garry's Mod server. That means people connect to a server in their Garry's Mod instance, and play with those on the server. However, WarioWare few multiplayer mode often relies on a turn-based gameplay.

GarryWare's multiplayer mod is simultaneous, and interactive. Than means a player can see the others playing on the same environment, and can also interfere with the other players.
WarioWare give you 3 chances to lose while playing, otherwise on the 4th lost game, the game ends. On GarryWare, players never go Spectator. The game is a scoring table : Every player will play continuously for 8 minutes so that no one gets bored watching the others.

The game is currently available via a SVN checkout, and only runs on a server with Garry's Mod Fretta running.

If you want to play that game :
+ Find a server hosting GarryWare Two.
- Garry's Mod gamemodes are immediately playable when entering a server. The game will download all required clientside resources for you to enjoy the gamemode as if you installed it !
- To find a server easily, type wa_ in the map filter in Server search. wa_ is the map prefix for Ga
Garryware B
rryWare gamemode. You will likely find wa_edge being hosted, or wa_prism.
Note that GarryWare Two runs on Fretta servers, that means some servers may be hosting it but is not currently played. Don't play GarryWare Two twice in a row, it's boring, take a tour on what Fretta has to offer by playing the other gamemodes too.
- Make sure you're playing on an up-to-date server. This may not be the case for all servers. You won't know if a server is updated until you fully joined, but this will cause no harm at all.

+ If you know what a SVN is already, download GarryWare Two. It's free, the entire source code (Lua) and contents are made available as a project hosted on a SVN repository.
Please refer to this thread for SVN Url and instructions. I will not provide information on how to use SVNs.
Note that you should only download GarryWare Two if you have Steam friends to play with and host ! If you do not have an opportunity to prepare a game, just go online on a filled server and play without installing !

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