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Garry's Mod Slang And Phrases Edit

Mingebag/Minge - Someone who loves making player's time on Garry's Mod very unpleasant.

Noob - Someone who is fairly new to the game or a server.

Stargate - From Stargate SG1 Allows you to teleport from one destination to another.

Admin - Administrator of a server (Usually the owner of the sever as well).

Mod - Moderator of a server.

Game Mod - Extra addons for Gmod.

Addon - A "Mod" for Garry's Mod Garry's Mod Website For Addons (RECOMMENDED ADDONS Phx, Wiremod, Tilemod, Stargate Addon).

Contraption - A general object made by a Garry's Mod participant, usually a car or something that moves, kills, or does some pretty awesome things.

Ragdoll - A character from HL2, CS:S, etc. that is implemented into Garry's Mod that you can pose and move around to make scenes or comics.

WOTS - Short for War of the servers, a Garry's mod machinima.

GMod - Another name for garry's mod.

Physgun - A shorter name for the physics gun.

Q menu - the prop spawn menu.

Stool - A scripted tool used for building or somthing else. These can be found in the spawn menu.

Swep - A scripted weapon.


Left 4 Dead 1 and 2Edit


  • Pillz (pills)
  • Peelz (pills again)


  • HS- Holy Shit!
  • IH...- I HATE (put first of the object, person, location name here)


These terms can be uncommon, rare, never used or invented.

Duke NukemEdit

  • IGBOS- I Got Balls Of Steel
  • ESAD- Eat Shit And Die
  • BIOYA- Blow It Out Your Ass
  • AGTTB- Ain't Got Time To Bleed