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"The G-Man is a mysterious and enigmatic character encountered several times in the Half-Life series. Referred to as a "sinister interdimensional bureaucrat"[1] he is known to display peculiar behavior and to wield powers far beyond those of a human. His identity and motives remain completely unexplained.

He plays the role of an overseer and eventual employer, watching over Gordon Freeman and other characters as the series progresses, at times helping or hindering them." - The Half-life Wiki

In GModEdit

In Garry's Mod, the G-Man is infamous for having hilariously awkward faceposing that has a penchant for amplifying his otherworldly nature, though not in the way many would expect.

Frequently, in videos and other material made by users of the game, the G-Man is portrayed as a comedically enigmatic and profoundly weird kinda of person, ranging in oddness from standing in the background with a goofy look to being actively and disturbingly awkward. His serious and calculated demeanor is thrown by the wayside in favor of being the kind of person one would be unsettled to be in the same room with, with his unnatural expressions, impish behavior and general aura of discomfort.


  • In episode 3 of Adventures of Coach, G-Man tries to kill Coach but he is killed by Vin Diesel.
  • G-Man is the main anatagonist of Zombie Apocalypse series.


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