―Fluttershout, ready to unleash ear rape

Fluttershout is a pony freak created by YouTube user TheInvertedShadow. She is a combination of GAYPENlS and Fluttershy


Fluttershout is a combination of an Alternate-Universe Fluttershy and GAYPENlS with a lighter coat, a red mane, a white tail and heterochromia eyes (right eye being red, left eye being blue). She wears GAYPENlS' Dr. Dappers Topper and has a cutiemark of a bloody butterfly-formed speaker. Her origin takes place at Mann Manor (the same one where RariFruit and the other Elements were born) where Fluttershy wanders in the graveyard where she feels an unknown presence coming from a grave. When Fluttershy comes to the grave, there is a Dapper Topper in front of the grave, where an undead GAYPENlS comes out of the grave and controls her body, changing her appearence and personality. Later on she meets up with OLDSACKS (GAYPENlS' new avatar, an Engineer with a Lumberjack hat) and lets out ear rape.

Despite her weaponized voice, she can actually sing quite well; several videos have surfaced on YouTube of her singing covers of various popular songs.

It is later revealed that she can also employ a far more powerful version of Fluttershy's 'stare', which is shown to work on humans and even other freaks, including an enraged Fiammetta. Victims of this stare experience horrifying hallucinations, usually scaring them away in terror.

Personality and behaviorEdit

Fluttershout is very short-tempered, and she gets annoyed very easily. Despite this, she is one of the more rational of the Elements of Insanity and often assumes a leadership role when Brutalight Sparcake isn't around. However, contrary to what the appearance might show, Fluttershout is more crazy than she is "evil", and usually does more good.

Faults and weaknessesEdit

  • Her shrieking can't harm those who are deaf, wear ear protection or cover their ears.
  • Her scream takes some time to cool, leaving her vulnerable to faster attacks, such as AssSpike's own ear-raping.
  • It is revealed that Fluttershy's influence still exists within the Insanity mare's body.