The return of FlutterCook
"You, are going to LOVE ME!"
-Fluttercook, screaming
FlutterCook is a GMod Monster created by TheInvertedShadow. she is a combination of Dane Cook and Fluttershy

Introductory Video: Here


FlutterCook is basically Fluttershy from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, if it isn't her then it's a variation of a Monster that takes her form. She approaches people, usually while they're alone or in small groups, and if spotted becomes nervous or possibly even frightened. Her reaction at this point may vary, but if one reacts to this behavior with laughter, amusement or violence, FlutterCook becomes violent herself and uses her abilities, with varying severity depending on severity of cause. She reacts in a similar way to people who talk too much or with too much force, or are snobbish for no good reason. Upon performing her retaliation, she seems to return to a fell or happy mood almost instantaneously as though nothing happened.

FlutterCook has since been shown to have a loving relationship with Lonewolfdemo, a character created by user labet1000, after LWD saved FlutterCook (and the rest of the Mane Six) from Princess Molestia. Since then, the two have been inseparable.


FlutterCook has a sole ability in her loud Dane Cook screams, which are powerful enough to effect objects and people physically; kind of like Assnick without the head-imploding, unless the scream is loud enough. These screams can push objects around, smash them, or send them flying into the air. The power of it seems to be determined by how much FlutterCook has deemed her target deserving of.

Like her source character, FlutterCook is capable of flight and her footspeed is enormous. This is incredibly useful for attack dodging and clearing distances.


Faults and WeaknessesEdit

  • Ear protection or deafness makes her earblowing scream less effective
  • No actual defensive abilities passive or active
  • Relatively ineffective against Monsters or things in general that are immune to sonic attacks.

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