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The Female Spy (or femspy) is a model and sound replacement for the default Spy who appears in Team Fortress 2.


The female Spy was conceived of, and created by, ChemicalAlia (AKA Shaylyn Hamm). All visual art for the female Spy, including concept art, and the final models and textures, were made by ChemicalAlia. The female Spy model is compatible with nearly all hats and weapons created for the default Spy. The female spy is finger-posable and face-posable.


The female spy's voice lines were recorded by DustyOldRoses (AKA Sandra Espinoza). These voice lines replace the entire set of original lines for the spy, with the addition of special Halloween Update lines released afterward. These lines can be used (or edited and then used) to create a large variety of dialogue for movies.

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