Fat kid is a gamemode based on the Halo 3 custom gamemode of the same name. 

Gameplay Edit

There are three teams, Skinny Kids, Fat kids and Skeletons 

Skinny Kids Edit

Skinny Kids are the primary team. Almost everyone spawns as a Skinny Kid. Your goal is to defeat the Fat Kid or survive until time runs out. You can destroy barricades to get new and more powerful weapons. If you die, you turn into a Skeleton.

Fat Kid Edit

player spawns as the Fat Kid. You are extremely slow and can only use melee and area attacks, but have extremely high health and damage to compensate. Your goal is to kill all of the Skinny Kids.

Skeletons Edit

When a Skinny Kid dies, they respawn as a Skeleton. Skeletons are fast, but only have a crowbar and have extremely low health. Your job is the same as the Fat Kid's: kill all of the Skinny Kids.


-Fat Kid Gymnna

-Fat Kid Catacumbs