The Engineer is one of the nine playable classes in Team Fortress 2, He is from Texas and has a high IQ.


In Garry's Mod, He is one of the thousands of crazy and wacky characters in the mod along with the other classes. He is usually a lot smarter than most other characters in the video he is used in.

There are many different versions of Engineer, but the most known (the Red and the Blue) are as follows:

The Red EngineerEdit

  • Used often.

The Blue EngineerEdit

  • Ditto.


  • Engineer will usually sometimes spam "gottam" with no explanation whatsoever.
  • There is a G-MOD Monster version of Engineer known as the Vagineer.
  • Engineer often say "nope" when Scout asks for a dispenser.

Faults and weaknessesEdit

Engineer is sometimes backstabbed by a Spy. Also, he gets really silly should his buildings be sapped by said Spies.



  • Engineer is transported to the real world where he meets and mistakes Gabe Newell for heavy as a spy. He also meets Ellis.
  • RED Engineer is the main protagonist of Spy is a Troublemaker, RED Team's usual day and Morning Routine.

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