Engifly ( A Portmanteau of Engineer and Fly) or formerly Flygineer is a Engineer-Fly Hybrid GMod Monster. He resembles a Engineer from Team Fortress 2 but is colored BLK and wearing the Brundle Bundle item set. He was created by Youtube User RoboLime V2.


Engiflies are mutants that are part Engineer and part Fly, they speak in high pitch voices. When a Engifly sees a corpse, it spits acid on the corpse and eats it, if Engifly sees a BLU enemy, Engifly builds a Sentry that spits acid and kills the enemy, and the Engifly eats its corpse.


Engifly was a RED Engineer who invented a Eureka Effect Wrench that can make him teleport anywhere, until, Engineer not noticing, a fly landed on him and Engineer teleported. After Engineer teleported, it was a success, but with the fly teleported with him, Engineer was mutated, and became a Engineer-fly hybrid, and became known as the Engifly. After becoming the Engifly, he was still able to talk but with a high-pitched voice, then a BLU Scout came by and saw the Engifly, Scout was about to shoot, but Engifly spits on the Scout with acid and Scout is killed, Engifly then eats its corpse and now lives for the rest of his life as the Engifly.


Engifly has abilites that flies have it includes:

  • Spitting Acid - Engifly can be able to spit acid with its mouth, Engifly's acid incapacitates its enemy and kills it.
  • Eating Corpses - Like flies, Engifly is a decomposer, it eats corpses to break it down.
  • Building Acid-Spitting Sentries - Engifly still has the mind and intelligence of an Engineer, it can build Sentries that shoots acid instead of rockets and bullets.
  • Flying - Hence the name, Engifly can be able to fly with its wings.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

Engifly could have some weaknesses, for instance, water. Water is a weakness to Engifly because it could go on its wings and can't be able to fly away, leaving him incapacitated. If the Engifly and its Sentry runs out of acid, it would be defenseless.


Engifly has some Relatives, here's some examples:

  • Mundyfly - also known colloquially as "SniJEEZUSGAWD!!!", is a strange, biomechanical, fly-headed Sniper, it has a chest-mounted number PDA, where Mundyfly is able to acquire many abilities.It was created by YouTube user GigaCake-MmmKay.
  • Teleflygineer - A Engifly that has the ability to teleport.
  • Vagifly - A Vagineer-fly hybrid.
  • TeleVagiflygineer - A Vagineer-fly hybrid with the ability to teleport.
  • Cyber Engifly: A cyborg version of Engifly
  • Cyber Teleflygineer: A cyborg version of Teleflygineer.

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