Grabbin a Horse!

Grabbin' a horse!

Ellis is the protagonist of Left 4 Dead 2.

In the GMOD videos, his trait of being a "child at heart" is exaggerated, making him look like a complete moron whose only capability in life is to screw things up. This makes him annoying to the other characters because of this. In most videos, he is obsessed with horses and things of Christmas. But in some moments, he can be serious and often pull acts and stunts that other characters cannot do (with the help of an Adrenaline shot) and when he is in a bind that he might get killed, He injects himself, making his head grow big and shouting "IMMAH FIRIN' MAH LAZAAAR!!!", and actually shooting laser at his enemies.

Just like Louis and his pills, Hunter and medkits, He is obssessed with Adrenaline shots, in which he goes "wubububbubububbubbu"ing and wreaks havoc.

In most videos in GMOD, his game lines such as his humorous comments and his stories about Keith are widely used in the videos. In most videos of Gmod, he is portrayed as having a love relationship with fellow Survivor Zoey and Brother relationship with another fellow survivor, Nick.

Everyone finds Ellis and his stories about Keith very annoying.


Ellis has a romantic relationship with Zoey. They both fighting zombies, going on a date and love each other.

Keith is Ellis's friend. He tells his fellow survivors stories about his adventures with him. Keith celebrate Ellis' party after he has Zoey as his girlfriend.

Nick is Ellis' friend. He helps him in winning Zoey's heart.


The Jockey is Ellis archenemy. Jockey likes to ride Ellis as a horse.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

He will also do anything for his prized drug, adrenaline. When his horse is eaten, Ellis commits suicide.



  • Ellis is in the real world and meets and mistakes Gabe Newell for Boomer. He also meets Engineer.
  • Ellis is the main protagonist of Adventures of Ellis.