E-Man is the G-Man but his DNA has been modified to an extent that he gained monster powers. He looks like

Gm flatgrass0125

G-man, but is blue in color because of the failed cryogenics technology.

Origin Edit

When G-Man was captured by scientists, he got his DNA changed. He couldn't do anything about it, and afterword, he got up from his slumber from a cryogenics pod. But the scientists made a mistake. Two. 1, they made a mistake in his DNA, and 2, they messed with E-Man. The cryogenics technology was not perfect, so he turned forever blue. The DNA made him even more powerful than before, but also gave him a few more weaknesses.

Bio Edit

E-Man looks like regular HL2 G-man, but is blue. (This part is a WIP)

Abilities Edit

E-Man can do everything G-Man could. He can stop time (for a limited amount of time) and he can teleport to other places.

  • His employers have long since fired him, so he is no longer bound to their rules. That means he can do anything he wants.
  • He can also duplicate himself (up to 4 others)
  • He can pull things out of his suitcase.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Due to his employers firing him, he is kind of a mess. He is unpredictable at times, and will halt if you mention his ex-employers. He is also vulnerable on the day his people fired him (June 11th) because his employers
  • If you destroy his suitcase, due to he being way older than he looks, he will die. This is because his suitcase is an austrailium life lengthener.
  • He can withstand things 4 times the human limits, but that doesn't mean he is invulnerable.

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