"What's good, nyuggah!?"
Duck Nigga greeting

Duck Nigga is a TF2 Freak created by YouTube user xTrackMaster.

His idle theme is Kevin Macleod - Music to delight and his attack theme is Left 4 Dead 2 - Horde.


Duck Nigga is a BLU Medic with An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge (Luciano) Deadliest Duckling fused into one body. He's always hooting all the time while he's idle. However, he's not happy with his current life and he will actively seek down everyone, he will kill them while screaming lines from a show. He has the voice of Colonel H. Stinkmeaner from The Boondocks.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

"What did you say, niggaah?!"
Duck Nigga shouting at someone

Duck Nigga will shout "What did you say, nigga?!" from the show and roll midair like Sonic the Hedgehog and kick his target's chest or melee you to death if they call his name like "Duckhead" or something. Besides his name, he makes the same action when a person makes an error.

After Duck Nigga killed them, they drop a Bonus Ducks. If the duck is collected by Duck Nigga, he can shot out Bonus Ducks or throw them. He also powered up by collecting them.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

  • Duck Nigga's body is unstable. This mean that his head would be loosen and he become useless without BLU Medic's body.
  • It can be assumed that because of this, Duck Nigga is blind.


  • Like Odd Scout, Duck Nigga debuted in a Source Filmmaker video.
  • Even though Duck Nigga is always BLU. But there were also a RED Duck Nigga appear as shown here.

Notable VideosEdit


  • "What's good, nigga?"
  • "What's really good?"
  • "Nigga!"
  • *Hoot!*
  • *Hoot.*
  • *Hoot-hoot.*
  • *Quack*
  • *Squeak*
  • *Squee*
  • "What did you say, NIGGA?"
  • "Oh yeah!"
  • "Look at you! You was poppin' all that good shit a second ago then you got kicked in yo' chest!"
  • "You eat a dick, nigga! *You* eat a dick!"
  • "Nigga, you better have insurance! Ass-whoopin' insurance! And you about to pay a deductible!"
  • "Well at least I won't have to look at your ugly ass no more!"
  • "Who in the hell parked in my space? That's like calling 1-800-collect-an-ass-whupping. And no, this ain't no toll free call!"
  • "Man, this some ol' bullshit!"
  • "Oh yeah! I think I wanna have *sexual relations*!"
  • "The same thing that's about to get into *you*!"
  • "Oh yeah! I'mma make it do what it do!"
  • "Lady Liberty's got balls!"

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