Note: This is for the Meth System Drug Selling (Putting Uncooked meth on a stove them receiving money from the meth being cooked not Player to Player market)

Welcome To My Tutorial On How To Be A Drug Dealer Edit

In this guide, I will be explaining how to be a successful Drug Dealer and how to hide your Money Printers (Because why not).

Your "Cook" Room Edit

Method 1

This will be a room which many people rarely visit/make a base in or that some people don't even know about, a good example of this (map Downtown) is above the apartment building there is a small little apartment that you either go up the hotel stairs to get to or jump on top of the doorway to get to the roof of the apartment building.

Once there go upstairs and the first (only) door on your left should be a bathroom if not it doesn't matter make a Stove there and cook as much meth as you can on one stove.

Method 2

At the "usual" spawn go left down a tunnel then take a right, there should be three buildings take what ever one you want, rarely people go over to this area/make bases here.

Once in a building set up "shop" there.

How To Hide Your Money Printers Edit

First of all you want to spawn two of the red sofas (couches) and make them lie face down (the space for you to sit facing the floor and the back of the sofa facing upwards) put these two together so they form a sort of space underneath for you store your printers.

Once you have done this, no collide them inside each other so no lines/gaps can be seen, after doing this throw some random props on top but have a cardboard sheet sticking out of one of the sides so you can place a keypad on the underbelly of it.

After this just fading door ONE of the sofas so that 1. You can collect/place your printers. 2. It doesn't count as prop block.

Note: I will be adding more to this guide so suggest topics for me to guide you on in the comment section below!!!

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