"I am Doctor TEEEM"
―Dr. Teeem introduces himself to SeaSpy
Dr. Teeem is a BLU Medic TF2 Monster created by YouTube user PowerMetalHead2.

Appearance Edit

Dr. Teeem is a BLU Medic who wears a Tyrant's Helm and armed with a Horseless Headless Horseman's Headtaker. He is always seen with a large, angered frown on his face.

Personality and Behavior Edit

Dr. Teeem is an extremely aggressive Freak who seems to be locked in a state of perpetual anger, attacking other Freaks or mercenaries with no provocation at all. When he gets to prey on someone, Dr. Teeem will relentlessly chase them down until they are dead.

Merciless and pitiless, Dr. Teeem is a berserking juggernaut who doesn't care whenever his target has done something to him or not. This is shown when he attacked SeaSpy with no apparent reason other than his mere presence.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Dr. Teeem is much stronger physically than a normal Medic. He has endured blows that would kill a human with ease and has shown to be able of fighting hand to hand in equal terms against other powerful Freaks such as SeaSpy. Dr. Teem's weapon of choice is the Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker, which he swings around without any difficulty. Dr. Teeem is also inexhaustible and does not get tired even after being beaten into the ground several times in a row.

Dr. Teem has also been seen breathing fire, and is capable of screaming extremely loud when angered. However, he is yet to be seen using this scream as an actual offensive technique.

Faults and Weaknesses Edit

  • Dr. Teeem is likely to challenge Freaks more powerful than him.
  • Dr. Teeem's extreme blood lust and impulsive attitude make him rather easy to outsmart.
  • Dr. Teeem's attacks are very straightforward and an agile enemy can easily evade them.

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