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Bio: Edit

Dr. Pootis used to be an ordinary heavy, until he visited Sandvich-Land. Then, Dr. Pootis, through regorous training and traveling around Sandvich-Land 187 times, became a galactically-renowned expert in the powers of POOTIS. In fact, no other thing mechanical or alive, has mastered the powers accociated with POOTIS even remotely close to Dr. Pootis. To this day, Dr. Pootis has written 9,001 books on his studies and journeys to outer-most edges of Sandvich-Land, where he does most of his studying and training. In fact, it was in Sandvich-Land where Dr. Pootis gained his powers. He became to be galactically-renowned through saving numerous lives on multiple planets. He forms perhaps the greatest force for good when teamed up with Dr. Gottam. He is part of a squad known as "Team Meme", in which he formed after meeting Dr. Gottam. As of now, Dr. Pootis is the team's currents leader and coordinator.


Dr. Pootis is a RED heavy wearing the Professor Specs and a Fancy Fedora. Dr. Pootis can summon weapons at his command and even combine them to form battle-suits, space-ships, planes, etc. However, he can only summon the primary weapons of every class, such as the flamethrower, minigun, and rocket launcher. The only non-primary weapon that Dr. Pootis can summon is a special Medi-Gun that heals at a slower-than-normal rate, but provide ubercharge much faster than the Quick-Fix. The Medi-Guns can be used to boost the power of laser-based based weapons such as the Cow Mangler 5000 and the Pomson 6000. His first appearance will be in Saxton Gravity's series to increase popularity even after SG's series ends. The video in which Dr. Pootis will make his first appearance will be called: "The Wrath of Saxton Gravity-Episode 11: Friend or Foe?"


Even Dr. Pootis has his share of weaknesses. When he combines his weapons and just one of his weapons gets severly damaged or runs out of ammo, Dr. Pootis's entire creation will epically explode, however the explosion does no damage to Dr. Pootis or anyone around him. If Dr. Gottam is fast enough, he can repair Dr. Pootis's weapons before they explodes. His weapons will also explode even if they are NOT part of a combination when they run out of ammo. Dr. Pootis is severly weakened when separated from Dr. Gottam, as they are the 2 most prominent and powerful members of Team Meme. The other members are not as reliant on teamates as Dr. Pootis and Dr. Gottam are.

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