Dr. Monotone is an interesting case of a being with unbelievable power at his disposal but no willingness to use it unless necessary. He presides in the position of greatest power in the Monodimension, a place where he can create anything he wants to, including living things, and the residence of a mysterious race called the Drafts, which unlike most Monodimension beings can only manifest in the normal world if given the body of another Monobeing.

He was created by YouTube user HalBuzzKill.


The Dr appears as a BRW Engineer with the Goggly Gazer,the Backbiter's Billycock and the Brainiac Hairpiece. He also occasionally wears the Spacechem Pin.

He sits in a position similar to that of the Watcher, only with less ambiguous motives and a more active role in the direction of events.


Dr Monotone has few abilities outside of his dimension, the greatest of which is the summoning objects, mechanisms and beings from his dimension into ours, with an optional Draft acting as its otherwise-absent soul.

In the Monodimension, the Dr holds far more power. In Monodimension he can create new things out of seemingly the ether, and command multitudes of existing things toward whatever end he sees fit. He can also destroy whatever he chooses as long as it isn't a living thing, so theoretical attempts to storm his dimension with vehicles would be a useless gesture.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

  • Making new things takes time for him to do. He's open while creating.
  • Out of his dimension, summoning the occasional thing is the greatest of his abilities. He has no offensive or defensive abilities himself and is usually wide open.


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