Much about Dr. Gottam's past is wrapped in mystery. What is known about him is that he found and wields the ONLY golden Eureka Effect in the universe. He charges it by saying "Gottam", the more he says it, the more the wrench charges. After it is revealed how well Dr. Pootis and Dr. Gottam work together during emergencies, they decide to form a team to help keep people out of harm's way. This team is known as "Team Meme".


Dr. Gottam is a RED TF2 Engineer model wearing the professor specs and a fancy fedora, just like Dr. Pootis. However, Dr. Gottam's powers are very different from those of Dr. Pootis. Dr. Gottam's wrench can instantaniously summon Lv3 buildings anywhere he wants, even mid-air or on walls or ceilings. He can also repair anything instantly by shooting a golden beam out of the antenna of his wrench. This beam can also be used to slightly damage biological enemies.


Dr. Gottam's main weakness is his lack of of direct damage output. At mid-range, Dr. Gottam can't do much damage. This weakness was utilized by BLU Saxton Gravity when they encountered eachother. BSG nearly killed Dr. Gottam, it was only by miracle that he survived without serious injury. Dr. Gottam is just as vulerable to attack as a normal engineer is. Which makes surviving an encounter with BSG that more miraculous. Dr. Gottam is severly weakened without Dr. Pootis around. Also, the beam that he canshoot of the wrench WILL repair completely robotic enemies like BSG, but not do anything to cyborgs.

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