"You suck..!"
―-DoomSpy in Rage Form taunting Piss Cakehole


DoomSpy is a phantom. He puts a curse on people who stands in his way and whoever says his name out loud. His curses can affect people such as death, disfigurement, brain dead, strokes, and any other possible curses he selects. When angry, he will turn on his "Doom Rage", which is an instant death curse.

Behavior and PersonalityEdit

He is a very abominable phantom. He isn't friends with anybody, nor allied. He thinks that the entire world of the human race is nothing,but a handful of worthless, pathetic, ungrateful, over-populated freaks and for himself, seems to be the right targets to go after and haunt them like a realistic nightmare.

He can be very dangerous to everyone he meets. If he spots his target to haunt and kill, he gives out a sign, saying he is coming for you by roaring or sending a dramatic sound.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He can teleport to his nearest prey.

  • He can haunt his prey and kill it using his Dark Magic.
  • His curses can be disfigurement, cause brain dead, strokes, death, shrink, burn to ash, making heads disappear, etc.
  • He can activate his "Doom Rage" when he is finishing off his prey or when he becomes very angry.
  • He can send people to the Underworld.
  • He could become enormous, only when he's in the Underworld.
  • When hurt, he teleports away and comes back to try to haunt again.

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