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Doomgineer (AKA The Wicked Mastermind) is a green-tinted Engineer with a green energy orb covering his head. He is considered an Unknown until further notice.



Doomgineer's offensive capability is based around energy-based powers. He is capable of firing energy balls from any extremity(hands, legs, mouth), and wields telekinetic powers, the extent of which are as yet unknown.


Doom's body composition is almost of the same energy that makes up his attacks, which can be manipulated in such a way as to make small objects, such as bullets, phase through him harmlessly.


This same pseudo-energy composition allows him to quickly move from point A to point B in a method similar to teleportation.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

Water has an interesting effect on Doomgineer, causing him to "malfunction" and act in ways he otherwise wouldn't, as well as supress his powers. He also seems to be vulnerable to explosives, though the reasons for this are generally not understood.

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