"Did that sting? SORRY!"
―-Doc Jarate


Doc Jarate used to be a beta-style RED Medic who, along with a Soldier, was responsible for the forceful creation of Weaselcake whose help they needed in order to win the war against BLU. When the enraged Weaselcake confronted the duo, he killed the Soldier and Jarate-tised the Medic. But he clearly did not die, as he emitted a negative vocalization shortly afterward.

Through unknown means, Doc Jarate managed to get himself a grey, robotic body. Later he tried to create another monster in a way reminiscent of what he did with Weaselcake: he created Snyphurr from a BLU Sniper that apparently was Weaselcake's estranged brother. Even though a certain BLU Vagineer stole the Bugle used to summon Snyphurr from him, he eventually set his plot in motion anyway, as seen in the Snyphurr Saga.

After the failed plot to defeat his nemesis using Snyphurr, the Doc managed to create a weapon that, upon being used on Weaselcake, would create an evil clone of him. The weapon proved successful as seen The Wrath of Weaselpie! saga.

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