Deth is the main character of The Volcaneer chapters created by Dethdad123 and Hitkid123. Deth is a battle loving ex GSG9 who has a serious vendetta against the combine for reasons unknown. During his journey he has met many friends and enemy's.

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Though he is never given a clear origin he is an ex GSG9 member who quit the force after his entire squad was murdered by combine. He is later seen blowing up Combine bases. In The Volcaneer Chapters Blue Raid he is seen in the south american jungle hunting down Wallace Breen and his combine. He kills Breen but soon learns he is not the leader of the Combine. He now hunts to kill the leader of the combine.Edit


  • In his earliest incarnation he used a M4A4 and Glock 18.
  • In the third episode of Volcaneer chapters the series he use the SMG and 9mm magnum.
  • He has been know to use grenades, rockets, chainsaw's, knives, he preety much uses every weapon.
  • He has amplified speed.


  • He is know to have different outfits in the trailers but never changes from his GSG9 outfit, strange because he quit the force, perhaps its to honor his fallen comrades.
  • If any of his friends are killed he will burst into uncontrollable rage and will kill all in his path.
  • He is in love with Kasumi in case you didnt know.
  • When he gained the HEV suit he became a nearly invincible human who could only be killed by a chataclismic event.


  • The Rebel leader (Unamed at the moment.)
  • Combine Leader (Unamed at the moment)
  • Kasumi
  • Ayane
  • Odessa Cubbage


  • Combine leader (Blue Raid)
  • Heavy
  • Scout
  • Spy
  • Medic
  • Insurgency leader (unamed at the moment)
  • Combine allience


  • He's cocky and I mean bad cocky and its one of his greatest weaknesses.
  • Unlike the combine leader he tends to have terrible nagotiating skills.
  • His rage can make him feel no pain making him vunerable to many attacks.
  • This may not be official but he can go into demon form like Ayane if taken to much pain which makes him even more insane but has no control over his body.


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