Derpy Versus The Gang of Ten Greeds
TheInvertedShadow TheColorRedpwns
First Video Date
Nov 24, 2012
Video Finale
Apr 4, 2014
TGOTG Members
RariFruit (leader)
Painis Cupcake
Comander Private of the Thieving BLU Soldiers
Scurry Scrumpy
Sgt. Chucklenuts
King Dedede
Veteran (Super Monday Night Combat)
Cameo Characters
Princess Celestia
Endario (RariFruit's husband)
King Sombra
Karma Soldier

Derpy vs The Gang of 10 Greeds is a series of YouTube videos created by TheInvertedShadow and AwsomeCasey795 (a.k.a TheColorRedpwns).

Story of The SeriesEdit

Derpy's muffin box was stolen by the Gang of 10 Greeds. Derpy must seek vengeance on them.

Video SelectionsEdit

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