Class demored

Demoman is one of the 9 playable classes in Team Fortress 2. He is the self proclaimed "Black scottish cyclops" from Scotland.

He is the team's Demolition expert, capable of blowing through the enemy ranks with Bombs and Stickybombs (or stickies). He is also a very, very hard drinker.


In GMOD, he, together with the 8 other classes, are one of the craziest and most widely used characters in the mod. Most notably he is always being portrayed as drunk in nearly every scene he is in. Demoman is brave enough to defeat Horseless Headless Horsemann

There are many Demomen, but for now we'll give trivia of the two famous demoman (the Red and the Blue):

RED DemomanEdit

  • Most of the time he is found drunk.
  • He is sometimes seen with his best friend, a BLU Soldier.
  • He despises the idea of the Gmodders creating a female Heavies.

BLU DemomanEdit

  • Same as above.
  • Most widely used Demoman than the Red one.
  • He is more feral in his drunken state, killing nearly everyone than his RED counterpart.
  • He is friend of BLU Demoman.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

The Demoman has an eye patch because when he looked at one of the wizard Merasmus' books, Necronomicon, and it haunted his eye turning it into Monoculus. Other classes can easily kill him except spy.


  • Both Demomen are found most of the time drunk. Or is seen becoming drunk.
  • Both Demomen spam the word "see" (in fashion of the Seeman) and is used by the modders as a sort of meme.



  • Demoman wins the Cow Eating Contest.

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