Democan is a relatively unknown GMod Monster made by WWII44 on DeviantArt.

Democan is a RED Demoman that has taken residence in a red oilcan. The Democan speaks in slurred gibberish that make no sense whatsoever. It moves by knocking its can onto its side and propelling it with a jet of Scrumpy burping loudly while doing this. Its primary attack is propelling a broken Scrumpy bottle at high velocity at its enemy/prey's vital areas(head, chest, crotch, etc.), if threatened it will Über, firing Stickybombs and Grenades all over the place and exploding them simultaneously. The Democan eats Spycrabs, which it hunts for in the sewers of 2Fort. When not hunting, the Democan hides in its can to avoid Painis Cupcake, who is it's natural enemy.

It is vulnerable to monsters who are resistant to or immune to physical attack and explosions, such as Blockgineer(not the best example considering Blockgineer is passive, but still). It's also vulnerable to monsters faster than it such as Scunt.

Another point is that he'd have complete immunity to Captain DemomanCaptain Demoman would likely severly damage an arm muscle trying to swing for him.

Democan may be the only monster that the Sewer Medic will alow into his sewers in order to rid them of pesky Spy crabs.

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