"Each and every one of you will suck. my. PAINIS."-Demented Soldier

Demented SoldierEdit

Demented soldier is a not-confirmed Gmod freak, created by FinHeavich in his sexual heavy audio fad/meme video, 4 days later, youtube user TonyJCNJ created an animated version of the audio video.


Demented Soldier looks like a RED Soldier with a Combat Medic's Crusher Cap. Sometimes seen with a medal and with or without grenades.


According to the video descriptions he hired some pretty stupid people to do his dirty job. He is a murderer and a oral-sex-addicted. He is always looking for someone who will suck his painis, desire which he hasn't satisfied yet, and seems to be a zoophile maniac [2]. He hates scouts as he killed two of them in two different videos, it would seem when the moon is full, Demented Soldier is able to transform into a monkey, but actually that information is not confirmed. [3] [4] It seems also that he can Clone himself repeating the word "Merasmus" but the continuous use of this ability leads the world to have a BSoD.

At one point he was seen in possesion of a Tank, but it crashed into a tree, despite The Demented Soldier's desperate attempts to stop it.[4] At about the same point, he was tricked by an Engineer into giving him all of his money in exchange for oral sex. After getting his payment, the Engineer ran away, making The Demented Soldier go desperate and explode the universe by overloading it with his clones (see above).

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