This monster is improperly made, because it lacks videos, information and images. Don't make your own monsters to look like this, or those can also turn into bad examples for other people like this. Hence why this page hasn't been deleted - the example it presents.

DeathDemo is a Demoman With the odd abillity to Charge anytime.

DeathDemo Yells The word DEATHMAKER everytime he charges. He is known For Being immune to Fadkiller Because of his charge ability. He will dodge Any jarate and can Destroy a Object By looking at it.


RIP THE RUNNERS WHEN DEATH GETS THEM, with the traps and weapons being used against them.


Deathdemo Is not a Monster Because He Is a Demoman With fast speed. Deathdemo is known also for Running faster than a Scout. Killing Vagineer and Stabbing his owner Fancyspy In the Eye Also he is Imuune to Melee

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