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Dangerous Bacon is a RED Heavy who has a tiny head and huge Fists. A tiny brain and huge Fists make for a dangerous combo. Dangerous Bacon is known to randomly attack and kill other Gmod monsters. Dangerous Bacon is highly offended by the word "piss", as a result, Dangerous Bacon will most likely try to kill Snipers.

He was created by YouTube user 3veryThingGaming.










  • Giant Fists (huge, fast swinging)
  • Butt baloons
  • Sensitive hearing

Dangerous Bacon's main attack is Fist fighting. He can swing his giant Fists so fast that it can kill a Vagineer before it has time to regenerate. He can launch two butt baloons out of his butt if the situation calls for it. These two ballons on strings allow him to fly. Dangerous Bacon is also belived to have super sensitive hearing, proven by him detecting a Sniper muttering "piss" several dozen meters away.


  • Stupid

Dangerous Bacon's tiny head has some adverse effects on his behavior. He tries to move through a metal mesh wall even though it is impossbile. He takes on a BLU Vagineer (though he did kill it!) head on. His fine motor skills are very poor. He can't really concentrate or talk properly, either.


I am Dangerous Bacon!

I am going to kill you and kill you and kill you!


Dic Soupcan is FAGGOT!

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